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Long...Stay away from San Diego Motor Cars Direct

Don't usually do this but here it goes...

Dealership was nice enough to provide for an overnight test drive. 525i, Premium, Sport, 20" D'Vinci's... sweet looking ride. Said that the car just had the rims put on and might need to be re-balanced/aligned. Car drifted on the highway and shimmied above 50 mph. Whatever... never had a car with bigger rims and tires. Took the car home to my wife to check out, she loved it, called her friend over to see it. The pressure to keep it is building.

Something didn't seem right with the vehicle '05 only 15k miles, idrive, for only 24k... and a huge scrape on the passengers door sill. Headlights didn't work the way they should... only the right one stayed on when you turned the car off. Ran a Carfax report on the car... came back clean.

Took it for a prepurchase inspection the next day... best $108.00 I've ever spent. The mechanic calls me about an hour later and asks, "have you bought this car yet... don't!"

The car had been in a front end crash, front/rear bumpers painted by a drive-up service, oil cooler bent and pushed in, right headlight was not OEM... clips holding both in were broken and there was broken headlight glass near the windshield wipers. In addition the passenger wheel had weights on it about 1/3 of the entire circumference. The rear passenger suspension was bent.

Took the car back... they said that the mechanic was an idiot. They tried saying the lights didn't work because one was xenon and the other was bi-xenon, that all rims 20" and above needed that many weights because they weren't original... all kinds of stuff that made no sense. The sales person his in her office the whole time... turns out that she is a co-owner. "But this is a certified vehicle... 128points of inspection." Reponse "It's a certified piece of crap! You can put powdered sugar on a dogshit... but it's still dogshit!" and walked out.

My personal opinion... the car was involved in a relatively serious front end crash, someone ran over a curb (the scrape on the rocker panel) and hit a pole. That person never reported any of it... why Carfax was clear and paid to fixed it themselves.

Like I said I don't usually post experiences like this but I feel like they were prepared to sell me a fundamentally dangerous vehicle. I looked at the site today... they have 36 BMWs for sale... they specialize in high end vehicles... Porsche, Ferrari, Lotus, Mercedes... scary huh?