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Originally Posted by sandman0615 View Post
where is the scratch? if its on the colored quadrants maybe use vinyl overlays to cover it up. other than that i dunno just pry at it i'm sure itll pop off, probably glued or somethin
No, no and NO!

If you don't know what you are talking about then please don't give the OP "advice" that will end up costing him several hundred dollars.

The roundel is permanently affixed to the airbag cover. The airbag cover is only available in the US with the airbag so you're looking at $800-$1000 if you pry the roundel off.

The proper way to fix this depends on the damage. A picture would help.

You can use a clear overlay (like a screen protector for a cellphone) cut to size or you could try to lightly polish it out using plastic polish