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Tunes and Reliability

Well, all of this talk of cylinder head replacement, carbon buildup, and injector failures has caused much concern and potentially changed my plans with the new D. I purchased my 2009 from a local BMW dealer about two months ago with the intention of installing a JBD immediately. I have already put 16,000 miles on it and love this car! For what I do it is perfect...36+ MPG and 400+ lb ft of torque, who could ask for more?

Reading all of the postings here (and the other site), I have not found any correlation that tuning with a JBD (or other tuner) has led to reliability issues. In fact, I have yet to find an example of someone with a tune complaining of carbon deposition... Perhaps this is simple statisitics, but can anyone with a tune provide info as to any suspected or real issues caused by "over-fueling" or boosting rail pressure??

Thanks in advance!