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I think that the biggest issue is that our sample size and the diversity thereof is not great enough to formulate any truly meaningful/substantive information/knowledge from the data as far as cause and effect goes. The best we can realistically do is learn from the various anecdotal evidence posted and attempt to use them to form a semi-educated opinion. One would think however that IF carbon buildup is truly an issue for our vehicles the tunes which alter event timing (injection, etc) could potentially reduce or further catalyze the issue. I would imagine that JBD would not help, but it may not hurt either (just an undereducated guess though, at this point).

I can say that I've yet to see a negative post related to any of the tunes (with the exception of the few occasional improper installation or random product defect that is easily remedied).

Who is the new local Evolve dealer? That is interesting knowledge of which I was not yet aware.

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