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Amigos I can attest to this supposedly carbon build up this last saturday as I was going to the 1/2 mile race I had the ENGINE light come up and man i almost SHEIT on myself. I called my mechanic as he was going to race my car for me since I have a broken hand. He told that that occurs also with the JBD on some of his clients. and informed me not to worry I stopped turn car off and back on and it was GONE!! OK I deided later to press on it and GUESS WHAT? Not only the ENGINE light come but also the damn ESE light F'me now Im pissed and scared. I stopped and turned off and back on AGAIN! and the engine light gone but not the SES.

The car was running quite VAGUELY but I realized the the day before I had put on 3 ounces of Amsoil DIESEL injector cleaner and 3ounces of AMSOIL CETANE Booster, I guess all the SOOT was coming off since it had been a month since I had stopped using DIESEL Injector Cleaner. Anyway, my friend drove the 1/2 mile race and he told he clocked 150 mph at the end of the track but forgot to clock at the 1/2 marker(he did it twice) he was VERY IMpressed with the DIESEL, he had had many gassers during his youth and was ALL smiles with the DIESEL. My car clocked the first time 120 mph which I found very disturbing since I had a better program come to find out the systme was not calibrated weel and many competirors were complaining.

Anyway, once I took the car and drove to my uncles house I noticed the car was eager and loose, i looked at my girlfriend and told her "Hey something is wrong with the car, she REPLIED by saying The car is responding better!!" I drove the car to the 1/2 mile race went to my uncles ate and got drunk partied at nite, next day drove to the other extreme of the island and went to see my friends game and drank and ate an came home and looked at the tnak and guess what? 1/2 tank on 243 miles, PRICELES!!!! Now my girlfriend wants a DIESEL!!!

P.S. The SES light went off the next day at my uncles.
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