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Originally Posted by f_veloso View Post
I know this thread is old but as anyone been able to solve this problem ? I have the alpine retrofit kit on an E87 with the m-ask unit SA606 and I have this hiss from the speakers driven by the alpine amp even with the head unit coded to hifi alpine, which supposedly slightly decrease the gain and de-EQ the head unit signal. I know the problem resides in the head unit signal because my rear speakers also had that same hiss (although in a much lower level, I had to put my ear close to the speaker to hear the hiss)when the car was coded to stereo, know that is coded to hifi alpine I canīt hear the hiss from the rear speakers but I still can hear the hiss from the speakers driven by the alpine amp.
A lot of times the problem results from incorrectly set gains. Try lowering your gains, they should be set such that at max head unit volume (before clipping) the volume of the music is just as loud as you ever want to have it, or the output of the amp reaches the maximum wattage of your speakers, whichever comes first.
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