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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Thx Eric.

Dynojet dyno a Eurpoean Auto Source in Anaheim. They've dyno'd a bunch of supercharged M3's. Mine makes less boost but more power than most. Very odd...but a good thing. I gained over 30 RWHP per pound of running 8psi on race gas could theoretically gain me another 100 to the wheels...which would be pretty crazy. But not for this event...just gonna run it with some race gas to hopefully pick up another few HP. I'd be happy with 560 for the event.

Did you dyno your beast yet?
Just got back from the dyno myself. I went to MD Automotive in Westminster, same shop Shiv used to dyno his personal single turbo.

Results...607whp/710wtq SAE corrected!!!

Only mods are Renntech tune and BMC Air Filters. I am a very happy guy right now, and can't wait to let it play at the Airstrip Attack.
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