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Well it's been a mini-saga, won't bore you with all the details but it got to the point I couldn't shift the car from where it was parked to the ramp in the garage, completely bogged down. Sole lad left in the garage, pushing didn't work, in the end found some old bits of wood to put under the wheels and eventually coaxed her onto the ramp after 40 mins. Then the wheels were stuck fast, only 5 months since I had Ultracs fitted yet the wheels were seized solid. The boss had arrived by this point to help out, two of them hammering and tugging away to release the wheels.

However, with the Wintracs on I reversed out and set off up the hill like it was a warm sunny day. Went a route I couldn't have done before to get home up a steep hill; no worries. Tried kicking down hard a couple of times, got the traction light to blink once or twice but no hassles. Hard acceleration out of junctions, no wheel spin again apart from a quick blink of the light.

Stopped hard a couple of times, there was a bit of slippage similar to stopping on a gravel driveway but nothing to worry about at all.

Got to our home, straight up the hill without batting an eyelid.

So night and day doesn't really do the difference justice. Above all they inspire confidence and that to me is priceless