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Originally Posted by mike-y View Post
There is a traditional style throttle body. I've held mine in my hands, so I know.

Also, the head isn't ported from the factory, it is however machined (not cast), so the ports are already very smooth (no casting seams or rough textures inside). They are also pretty much a straight shot from the manifold to the bowl (which is good). There could be improvements made to the bowl area, and also some chamber work, like deshrouding the valve area, but I haven't gotten a good look at what the chamber looks like. Larger valves would also be an option.

As far as the bimmerworld race car, they say "approximately 300hp" which could mean many things. They are probably estimating crank hp, so that would be about 250whp (or less) depending on how loose you use the word "approximately"
So what is the Valvetronic? I have been told thats why we don't have a throttle body? Valvetronic is why Kelford said they couldn't exactly do our cams but could give us specs to give to Schrick.

I was going to look into porting the head still. Going with larger valves and a bit of porting also. I would like to order a used head and have someone port it and see if the flow increases. Would it be better to port the head around a valve design or design a valve around port?

The race car is a dry sump oil pan. Which could almost in itself give it 300 at the crank with the 3 stage manifold and an exhaust with a tune lol.