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Advice Needed: Gas Station worker hit my car

So the other day I was in a rush and had just gotten a ticket for expired inspection. I didn't have time to take my car to the shop I usually go to (I know, my fault) so I decided to take it to the Mobil gas station by my house. I talk to the mechanic in the shop, give him the keys and walk out. As I'm walking by the garage door, I see one of the employee's driving my car into the bay, and as he's driving it in, he scrapes my front bumper on the wall.

I go crazy on the poor fool and his boss who was originally trying to deny it while the car was still on the wall. Eventually after I regain my cool I have the chief mechanic call the owner of the gas station (Supreme Auto Group) and let them know that one of his employee's got into an accident with a customers car. However, when I told him that it would cost $500 to get the bumper resprayed he kept telling me that they would not pay $500 and would take it to one of their own shops for the repair. I just stopped by MAC today and got an estimate for the work, and I refuse to have the car taken anywhere else.

My question to you guys is, what else can I do in this situation. I called the main office today and was told the owner was out of the office and won't be back until Monday. If they file the claim through their own work insurance, what right do they have to tell me where I take the car to have it repaired???


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