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Originally Posted by 335iPSI View Post
If you like the look of mine, just snag some i-sport springs, which will get rid of the 4x4 look that the xi's have stock --- and only run ya about $100. If you want another 1" or so of drop, get yourself some of the BMW Performance Springs from TischerBMW. And if you haven't had Bilsteins on a car before, you're missing out. They are one of the best dual-personality shocks on the market. These shocks get rid of ALL of that floaty feeling, way less dive when braking, cornering or accelerating --- no doubt helped by the i-sport springs lower center of gravity and slightly increased spring rate. They definitely ride better than stock and soak up bumps with ease. If you haven't already, ditch the runflat tires too.
The BMW performance springs fit? I thought the overall length on the front end would not fit?
My biggest concern with a drop is the harshness on the roads here in NY. Is the ride on this setup any stiffer than on stock suspension?