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Originally Posted by kdiggz View Post
the drop is soley due to the springs. the e90 and e92 sport springs are the same.

anyhow, i think i'm going to do this setup but i can't decide if i want the b6 or b8 struts. again, i want to keep this comfortable. if it gets harsh and uncomfortable my gf is going to leave me (jk but she loves how smooth it is stock).

my main goal is to lose the 4x4 look for when i put on the 19's and to gain a tad more control for when i get on the throttle. it is a little too floaty and uncontrollable for any sort of performance driving
So the i sport springs did the drop (clearly the car looks I would say like a stock 335i - the 4x4 look is gone.. the bilsteins played NO ROLE, in this.. this was again, 100% due to the i sport springs alone?