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Originally Posted by 8k3 View Post
Where do you find reputable online sellers of replica watches? I own a couple of Omegas but don't like wearing them everyday, I much rather beat up a $100 rep for day to day use
I have no idea. You'd have to check the watch forums that exist for folks keen on fakes.

If you go to Hong Kong, and have a visa allowing you entry to the PRC, I can tell you where to go and get really good quality fakes for $25-$50.

The city to go to is Shenzhen and the area you want to check out is Luohu. There, you'll find "shopping buildings" which are huge, multi-story buildings that have literally thousands of ateliers of folks making fake everything along with stuff of their own invention. You'll also find some really good tailors there who can make you some sweet shirts. (They make good suits too, but I doubt as a vacationer you'll be there long enough to wait for them to finish it.)

There is a pseudo-company called Parnis who make what are essentially fake Rolexes and Panerais, but they put the Parnis name on them. (they replicate other brands' styles too) They do sell via the WWW. I must be clear, however, that I've never bought anything from them and I haven't ever seen one in person. I just know of their existence. The popular watch forums have members who have bought things from Parnis and you can probably find some good info there.

I also have to say that I've never ordered a replica watch over the WWW and I don't know what Customs issues you may face if they are shipped from outside the U.S. Any risk in that regard -- Customs will seize things that they think are fraudulent goods -- is on you. You aren't likely to encounter a problem like that if you just go to China and buy one or two for yourself. At the prices you'll pay, you won't have to declare them and if you don't have a whole damn suitcase full of watches, you aren't going to pique Customs' interest when they x-ray your bags.

If you want a $100 beater, and a trip to the PRC isn't in your future, my advice would be to just buy some $100 watch that catches your fancy.

Sidebar Thought:
FWIW, the most expensive thing about going to the PRC is the plane ticket, that is unless you just feel obliged to spend huge sums on other things. That's a real risk. I went to the Versace boutique in one of their high end malls and bought ten items -- pants, jeans, jackets, shirts -- for the equivalent of $680 USD, but rest assured that same store had plenty of stuff that cost $600+ each. I also bought a Dunhill coat for $90 (regular price $900). So you see the risk isn't that you'll buy something that's too pricey. It's that you'll find the bargains irresistible.

When the Chinese folks are of a mind to put something on sale, they aren't playing. They mark it down...way down. I guess they really want it gone at that point. That makes the PRC a really good place to buy authentic RTW goods. Now electronics, you don't want to buy there unless you are buying the fake stuff or the the native Chinese brands.

There are plenty of Chines hotels that are on the order of a Residence Inn or Fairfield Inn and that will run you about $15/night. You can eat really well for $10/meal and like a king for $40. You can also go cheap and have something like grilled chicken leg and thigh, grilled corn on the cob, grilled mushrooms and green beans along with fresh, handmade pasta with lamb, beef, chicken or pork and some veggies for $4. That cheap meal is fresh, tasty and healthier than something you'd find in the U.S for about $18-$22.

All the best.

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