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Originally Posted by Alan l. View Post
People dont seem to understand you get what you pay for especially when it comes to a body shop. Skimp out now and it will cost you double to fix crappy body work.

Best thing I recommend is to check out reviews online at all the major sites. Be weary of "reviews" posted on forums with low post count because chances are it's the shop posting or a friend. I know a shop that does this a lot here and on fanatics and that's how they sucker people going to them. People will know soon enough.

If you are one of those people that think those guys in the local Best Buy parking lot doing "body work" is good enough then you will be happy with any shops work but if you are like most car enthusiasts like myself that type of work won't cut it.

Besides checking out reviews online also check out the shop in person prior. You can get an idea what type of work they do just based on how the shop looks and the types of cars they work on.

Thank you Alan, finally someone agrees with me!