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Originally Posted by E92FanaticKY View Post
Where do you suggest learning how to detail a car properly?
We have a fairly comprehensive Detailing Guide on the website, so that's definitely a great place to check out and go from there. We also have the Ask-a-Pro blog on which a lot of knowledgeable professionals post articles from something as simple as How To Use a Microfiber Towel (some customers asked, so I took care of it) to complex articles such as Wet Sanding an old Corvette.

Originally Posted by cialz View Post
what's the best stuff to use clean and treat leather seats for the e93 convertible? I know it has some special UV treatment and I don't want to ruin it.

The best thing you can do to leather is keep it clean on a regular basis with something as simple as a damp microfiber towel. You can use either just water or a diluted solution of Optimum No-Rinse. This ensures there's no dust and dirt particles that will abrade away the finish. Also, you'll regularly remove oils so they don't deteriorate the leather surface.

Keep in mind most of the leather in cars is coated anyway, so you're not really treating the leather, rather the top coat. So you simply want to keep this clean and protected. My favorite leather treatment is Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean. I find it thoroughly cleans leather and protects it well without leaving any oily residue that normally just ends up on your clothes.

You don't want to clean or condition leather too much either, but this will highly depend on how much use the car gets. Also keep in mind that the driver seat will normally need 2-3 more times cleaning/conditioning than the back or even the passenger seats as most of the time we drive by ourselves. I like to wipe down the leather every 2-4 weeks (driver seats every 2 weeks, sometimes 1 if I drive it a lot, and back + passenger seats every 4-6 weeks) then I do a yearly Leatherique treatment.

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