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Originally Posted by sxyblue View Post
I have a buch of tiny dots the size of a needle's tip on my car from what I think is tree sap. What do you recommend I do to safely remove it? About a month and a half ago I clayed and put three layers of Klasse SG on it if that's relevant.
I'd rather use a product that doesn't remove the sealant but would be more than happy to spend the weekend re-applying it if I can use a high quality product to remove the dots.

Sorry to hear about your issue. While I haven't had to deal with a lot of tree sap on personal or clients' vehicles, I absolutely hated every time I did have to remove it!

I suggest you have a quick look at the article How to Remove Tree Sap From my Car? by Chad on the DI Ask-a-Pro blog as he explains it pretty well.

Basically, you'll want to try to remove it chemically as much as possible (meaning as little wiping/scrubbing/etc as possible) in order to minimize marring in the paint. If you have a darker/sensitive paint, you'll probably end up with some marring regardless, but the less the better. If you can't break it down thoroughly using something like isopropyl alcohol, clay bar should get it off, but again, I would try to take your time and remove it without clay bar, scrubbing, etc.

Since it's everywhere, you might want to try both methods and if the clay bar is quickly removing everything, it may be a better choice to simply go with the clay then plan on polishing. This way, you'll save a lot of time and headache and you'll probably have to polish after both methods anyway.

Hope that helps, definitely let us know how it goes.

Ivan @ DI