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Originally Posted by Baby Dave View Post
I was in the same boat as you my rfts at the rear needed replacing. I replaced them with non rfts this was ok at normal speeds but on the motorway or a decent road the handling went at speeds over 60. The rear wobbled and it felt horrible. Get all 4 changed at the same time, it will completely change the car, you will have so much grip and no tramlining.
Good to see an honest assessment, we do see a few comments which are more towards the "I can get away with it". Too big a risk if we want high safety factors. We've only got 4 little contact patches with the road, we need the best we can get.

gIzzE's comment is so valid as well, BMW cars can be very sensitive to the tyre set. gIzzE's got a lot of experience, so he know's what he's talking about.