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Originally Posted by Chapperss View Post
Did you forget how to use the search function during your time away? I know i`ve personally contributed to 4 or 5 similar posts in the last few months.

Koni Yellows or Bilsteins for struts - if you need springs to then you`ll have to search or wait for another kind sole to contribute.

It`s black friday time so i`m sure once you know what to shop for you`ll get a good deal somewhere.
Gee, I didn't know that civility had become a lost art.

Does anyone have anything USEFUL to contribute?

and no, yellows are not what I'm looking for, I've had them on several cars before and I've had to run them full soft on the bombed out roads we have in the metro DC area. Not looking for sporty but practical. I'm running 17" wheels from a 328i as well for similar reasons; I got sick of spending so much money at Ye Old Wheel Shoppe (actual name of the place in Elkridge, MD) on repeated wheel repairs.

My request is not what most E9x owners are going for, hence yes, I have searched, however before I buy anything I'm looking to see if anyone has tried any of the currently available products in a similar situation to mine.

I also am getting confused as to what installation parts I need as my understanding is all US E92s had "sport suspension" and a lot of stuff that vendors sell that "fits" my car says "standard suspension". Also not sure what changes in that regard if I use aftermarket e.g. Koni or Bilstein struts.