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Originally Posted by N8N View Post
Ah got it. I'm kind of leaning toward that then. How do you find them on potholed roads? Do you have sport suspension? Thanks for the reply.

Another option would be a Bilstein strut kit. I'm inclined to just reuse my stock springs as I have no desire to go "sportier" and the car is already borderline too low even though I've upsized my tires.
Yeah definitely more comfortable on crappy roads but definitely better round corners and roundabouts now. But once again donít know if thatís just cause the old shocks were knackered. And yeah Iíve sports suspension running 18Ē wheels and kept the standard springs. Was debating going Eibach pro springs but because itís a daily and have to drive over a fair few speed bumps I kept with standard springs. Iíd say all in itís a worthwhile upgrade for the money. Think I paid about £450 for the 4 dampers and fitted them myself.