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Yes, length and rate are the only difference between sport and n/s bump stops. They will both physically fit with sport or n/s struts/shocks/etc.

Generally, you should use shorter and/or softer bump stops if you want comfort. I know that sounds counterintuitive, but it's true (within reason). BMW actually calls the bump stops 'auxiliary springs', because they're there to ramp up the spring rate fast when the suspension is compressed beyond ride height. The bump stops are actually engaged at ride height in a stock setup. This is to give a degree of compliance and a degree of body roll could argue that the stock setup does neither sufficiently well! So if you want to increase comfort (at the expense of some body control), you should soften or shorten the bump stops. Any stock bump stop (eg E36 M3 fronts) will perform the traditional duty of a bump stop sufficiently well. However, you should be very careful with bump stop tuning, because they can have a huge effect on chassis balance (understeer/oversteer characteristic). What's the correct answer? How long is a piece of string?