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Originally Posted by Chapperss View Post
Did you forget how to use the search function during your time away? I know i`ve personally contributed to 4 or 5 similar posts in the last few months.

Koni Yellows or Bilsteins for struts - if you need springs to then you`ll have to search or wait for another kind sole to contribute.

It`s black friday time so i`m sure once you know what to shop for you`ll get a good deal somewhere.
You've certainly contributed to this thread. I thought the lobstahs were on the polite side? Not today I guess.

Originally Posted by MightyMouseTech View Post
Installed B4 in my E90. Very happy with them.
This is what I would recommend based on what you have mentioned. eBay has these full kits for like $250 shipped. Incredible.

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