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Depending on environment 50/50 with water is what you should do (it can vary a bit based on where you live and what you want but 50/50 works for most. See if you can get de-ionized water, its the best possible for your cooling system in the long haul.

As for venting (which I assume is the same as bleeding) if youre just low then you shouldnt need to but you could play it safe and, after you top it off, let the car heat up and run the heat on full blast to make sure coolant is circulating everywhere, eliminating as much air as possible.

The biggest question you should be asking is why you got the low coolant light. Modern systems are all sealed so evap isnt an issue and the engine shouldnt consume under normal circumstances. You might have a leak somewhere that you would want to address (especially if its around a hose fitting or the like) before it turned into a major failure that would leave you on the side of the road. Any good mech should be able to test if the system is holding pressure and, if not, track down the leak.