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Steering keeps getting loose

hoping anyone has any suggestions for what i might be dealing with here.

car was at dealership 2 months ago to get two new front tires replaced (one got a bulge from a pothole) and to get them balanced and get car aligned.

Once this was done, car was shimmying around 45-60MPH and steering felt very loose. I thought for sure the pothole did some damage to my suspension, so i took it back to BMW. They said all looked good and just needed a balance, so skeptically i went back to pick it up, and sure enough, car rode nice and smooth, steering felt tight (like the day i got it).

Fast forward 3 weeks later, the steering is now loose again and not as tight as it was when i picked up from dealership, a little bit of shimmying is back in the steering, and I have a light popping/clunking noise from my left fender when turning left (either forward or reverse) at slow speeds going over any bumps (driveways).

My suspicions now turns towards my steering rack, is it going out on me? or is it still possibly suspension related? I dont have the best tool setup at home, but i did get under the car and feel for any give in the control arms, endlinks, and looked to see if the struts were covered in any fluids.....