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Woodpeka I'm also a Bimmer guy and before working for Canbec I too had a strong negative vibe with Canbec plus my own personal bad experiences with them. I had actually banned Canbec and swore never to return! But as soon as they hired me I spoke directly to the boss (even during my interview) concerning all the negativeness surrounding Canbec and the fact that I knew more about the product than half their sales team (at the time) was not impressive.
My concerns were quickly answered and changes were's a slow process but it was better (when I left).

Being at Canbec we would usually get the clients that were dissatisfied with Laval and West Island BMW's so its hard to say why or if Laval is better with loaners, maybe they have more of them or better management? Not really sure. I only have a small experience with Laval (went there 3 times) 1st time I was very satisfied, second time it was ok and I had big problems with 2 employees the third time, it actually was so insulting that I'm currently debating weather or not to report these people to the owner/president but that's insider stuff wich would not affect customer service however I did start questioning the hiring policies of the all mighty Laval dealer.

As for the languages most Canbec guys speak English yet are bilingual and speak French or two have a hard time speaking or writing either languages wich is quite embarrassing.

335BBS, how did I bad mouth the competition or mock customers?? That really is not my intentions. If anyone chooses to badmouth a dealership I can understand but please make sure your complaint makes sense....unlike someone (don't remember who) wrote that once they left Canbec the TPMS light came on and had to return to Canbec to check if the car had a flat so Canbec sucks!! or someone with a jobber exhaust... he should realize that changing a muffler changes pressure in the whole exhaust! Make sure you're not at fault before badmouthing dealers or anyone else.

I'm new to this site and the purpose of my posts are simple;
I have always and will always be a bimmer and car guy and before working in the field I would go to dealers and rate them according to my experience and satisfaction...Now it's easier for me to understand and see both sides so I can help clarify a few things and help owners understand or realize things that may not be so obvious.

BTW my real name is not John