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HE DID IT! Horrible...

Originally Posted by boostaholic786 View Post
haha DO NOT PUT THAT ON YOUR CAR!!!! LMAO thats a honda/Japanese brand it will probably make your car sound like a ricer. Since you have an E90, if you want a bit more noise just have a shop take off your secondary cats and your resonator. E92's dont even have a resonator from the factory so its kinda pointless. If you have stock downpipes which to me, it sounds like you do, then just take off what I said above and you will be pretty happy with the results if not incredibly happy. Dont waist your money on an exhaust system, well mufflers when its not going to increase your power at all. Go buy a JB4 or Proceed before you do anything to your car. The factory mufflers arent that bad to be honest and if I had to do it all over again I would have not spent the money I did on the exhaust set up.
Thanks for the honest truth. He went ahead and did it, sounds like big farting coffee can. haha!

On a lighter note, has anyone heard of deleting just your mufflers? Keeping all the cats, etc because of AZ lovely emissions. Thoughts? and just adding nice set of exhaust tips?