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Drives: 2009 320i Coupe (E92)
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Hi from Switzerland, just ordered 320 E92

Having owned several BMW's in the past, I got addicted to the brand. I strayed away many times though. Currently I'm going through one of the returns to my brand of choice. Had all kinds of cars, SUVs. (I like big trucks...)
And I never bought a NEW car before. Dunno why... somehow I always got enticed by the relative low price of used cars.
After months of getting service bills from my Ford dealer (something always went wrong) I decided: that's it, it's gotta stop. Ford has to go. I'm not putting any more $ into this money pit. It's never gonna end so I might as well end it immediately.
And I'm not saying BMW's are more reliable (well they are, but they ain't perfect either...) but at least you get a decent warranty and first class service (here in Switzerland anyway.)

So I felt the time was right to buy a NEW BMW. My budget is limited and still wanted something nice looking. I kept the costs down with the relatively humble choice of options.
Last week I ended up signing the papers for a 320i Coupe, alpine white, automatic, premium sound, ipod kit, PDC..... that's pretty much it.

I know this model is not sold in North America, well we have it here in Europe. Basically a 2.0 liter 4 banger with 170 hp. Not a sports car but quite decent and pretty much noiseless. I'm sure I'm going to love it.

I specifically asked for a 2009 model (although changes are minimal) so delivery won't be before mid September, maybe even later.

How do you guys put up with the wait?