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335Xi Suspention refresh project

I have been running BC coilovers for over a year, was definitely an improvement, both in handling and appearance (lowerd the car 2inches)

handling wasn't improved as much as I thought it would, I really wanted a nice planted feel and the BCs just didnt do it for me in my daily driving.

So I finally decided to just sell my BC coilovers and redo my suspension setup. Its kind of a refresh/upgrade all-in one.

here is my parts list, as much as my budge would allow anyways

OEM replacement parts;
Front Upper Strut Mount - Lemforder
Front Upper Spring Plate - Hamburg Tech
Front Strut Carrier Gasket - Genuine BMW
Front Strut Mount Plate - Hamburg Tech
Front Ball Joint - Lemforder
Front and Rear endlinks -Meyle HD
Front Tie Rod End - Febi
Rear Lower Shock Mount - Lemforder

Aftermarket replacements
Bilstein B14 Coilover kit
M3/1M Rear Upper Control Arm Upgrade Kit
Front Sway Bar - 25.5mm Heavy Duty - UUC
Rear Sway Bar 19.5mm Heavy Duty - UUC

Front lower control polyurethane bushings - Strongflex RED 80ShA
Rear Upper Shock polyurethane mount - Strongflex RED 80ShA

8/18/2020 Front lower control arm bushing upgrade
Front lower control polyurethane bushings - Strongflex RED 80ShA
install and removal was fairly simple, two 18mm socket and wrench for counter hold. Torque to 100Nm +90degree turn

ball joint was a 24mm w/ T30 counter hold Torque to 60Nm

The hard part was getting the old bushings pressed out and having the new bushings pressed in.

Got a megan strut bar, removed the logo and painted everything oem black to give it the stealth look
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