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Originally Posted by BoostedBMW View Post
No problem at all.

Fender rolling is not hard at all. You just need a heat gun, a fender roller, and some patience. Just keep applying heat to the fender while you roll it with a fender roller and slowly apply more pressure to the fender as you roll it over time. Here is a link to a DIY that describes the process, but it is very simple once you have the tool...

I think that those rear offsets are too conservative for my taste. I realize that there is no ideal fitment for the wheels that you are looking to get, but if you are dead set on getting them than I would rather spend a little bit of time and money to roll the rear fenders and fit the +30's instead of using a huge spacer. I'm not a fan of using spacers since I have seen them crack in the past and I just don't like them. A lot of people run them with no problems, but I would rather just fit a slightly more aggressive wheel from the start. BTW, we are talking about a 3mm difference here if you go with the +45's and a 12mm spacer and the +30's so its not like you would have to do extreme fender modifications here. You would just need to roll the rears slightly to prevent any rubbing at all, and you would get deeper dish lip form the +30's. Just my opinion though.
Hmmm. Well If I do decide to go ahead and roll the rear fenders, do you know if I would need to do any work on the front if I go with the +30 offset in the front?

I figure it's all or nothing ye know? Like I either don't touch any fender, or I roll all of them lol.. I must say though, I'd love an aggresive stance. I think I'm just a little bit too shyt to make it happen.

Do shops roll fenders too, or is this like an underground kinda practise?