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My friend just had a similar water damage to his six month from brand new one series, his . He reckoned the water was about six inches deep only, which sounds shallow indeed.

I think the main problem is if you carry too much speed, the bow wave rises up to the top of the radiator where the air inlet is located and your engine, turbocharger thereafter is history!

I had a three series damaged after a head on collision. The costs to the third party insurer were something like 7000 for repairs, and 5000 for the 'like for like' loaner car they talked me into (since it was clear from the accident it was the third party to blame). I took the car to my local BMW and even after returning the car about a dozen times, they still could not get it right (long story).... I traded it in and got 7000..... Hmmm, left me thinking there was some very creative valuations done.... Before and after trade in. I certainly left the situation feeling I'd have been better off if it had been declared written off (I suspect the insurers had felt the same way)!

Good luck getting your car back in a fully operational state. I can sympathize with your situation and difficulty in trading it in. Whilst your car has been fully repaired, it's monetary value has been affected. From experience of several accidents I have been involved in all claimed from the third parties' insurance, in several hundred thousand miles of driving, I have always lost considerable money. Your experience presents a good argument for leasing. Motoring can inflict some very unpleasant surprises at times.

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