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Exclamation Airbag light. Software?

I need help finding software to reset my e90 airbag light.

Quick story, I took my car to the track but I wanted her lighter, so I took out the rear and passenger seats to help. Of course I took the battery out as a safety so the bag wouldn't go off in my face, had to plug it in, so there's the light, ignored it until time came to replace the passenger seat, light still on, never knew it needed to be reset by computer . So now I'm stuck with it, trying to find forums on how to find the software and how to install, but not much help due to dead links. I have an OBDII cable that works and I've used it to clear codes, obviously this isn't just a simple code, so I need to find a way to get the INPA, or the program that begins with an E I think Edibas, or something, please can someone help? And if there's anyone willing to do it lower than the dealship price in the NJ area, I would pay for such services. Thanks a lot forumers!