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Originally Posted by Quick6EF View Post
- 26 to 30 kcals/kg/day for normal, healthy individuals with sedentary lifestyles doing little physical activity [12.0-14 kcal/pound]

170 (lbs) x 14 = 2380 Calories

According to the theory, you burn 2380 calories a day just "living" a sedentary lifestyle. Do you have more physical activity during the day?

Try lowering your calories to 2100 and give it a few weeks. Shoot to lose ~ 1lb a week. Are you lifting weights?

This is a rough example and takes trial and error. Keep an eye on the mirror and scale.
Thanks. Only activity I really get is walking a few blocks back and forth from work and the parking garage. I want to start jump roping a bit after work since I don't have any other equipment and not much room in my place.

I would say I definitely consume under 2100 calories a day as it is. Ive been using an iphone app called loseit that tracks them, I usually am around 1700-2000.