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Just Updated

Got my Tischer BMW USB Stick in the Mail today it was a small price to pay, but I think it was worth it considering I didn't have to deal with downloading, transferring to a USB etc...

I also contacted Sergej after my USB stick shipped from Tischer BMW. After sending him my Paypal payment, he replied 2 mins later with my FSC activation code for my 2010 X6M

About 30 seconds after switching the car to on

Entered my FSC code and...

40 minutes later and after a restart

Note: I only had my car switched to the "on" position the engine wasn't running. I have a 4 mile commute to work. There's no real time where I'm driving the car for 30+ minutes within a week, so I performed the update in my garage. When the update reached 90% the Battery Charge Level Low indicator came on so I started the engine for the final 5 minutes of the update.