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Originally Posted by m@rco View Post
I wouldn't take the risk... Drive it to the nearest dealer... If you HAVE to drive it, immediately switch off the engine at the RED warning light. If i'm not mistaken, it comes on at a temperature above 120C. Here is how to get the temperature visible:

1. Turn on engine
2. Press reset button for odometer, for about 10seconds (or more)
3. You will first see some icons regarding maintenance, do not release yet, then you will see a plain Arial Font with numbers
4. Release the button, and push again until you are in sub-menu number 17
5. Wait until the sub-menu is active. the 'cursor' now becomes active on the right. Add up the last 5 digits of your VIN number. So 12345 gives you password 15. That is your passcode. Again, use the reset button to reach your password. As soon as you reach the password, the hidden menu will unblock automatically
6. Now, hit the reset button until you reach sub-menu 7. That is where the water temperature is indicated.
7. If you switch off the car you'll have to start from scratch again...

I find 70mph too fast for driving with a heated engine. I'd suggest 50mph max. THat is when the car is most fuel-economic, thus least heat created. There is no more "cooling" at higher speeds, remember your pump is down too...

When you see the temp run hot (getting over 110, 112), turn off the engine while driving (!). If the ORANGE warning light is on, use the Board Computer stalk to "see" the hidden menu again. Then, place car in neutral. Press start button for a few seconds (else car wont shut off) then roll along as far as possible with maximum wind cooling. Stop at shoulder and wait until the engine cools down to 80 or 90C. That takes a long time... For safety: stand behind the guard rail... Don't stay in the car.

I've done this procedure to cover a distance of 20 miles and it took me almost 1.5 hours... Once the engine is hot, it takes a long time to cool down.

Better NOT to take the risk and go to the nearest dealer. Topping off on coolant shouldn't make a difference (unless the water already came out... that's a serious sign of overheating. Avoid that)

Good luck.
Is it possible to do this in iDrive?