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Originally Posted by rossiXY_x=m_y=3
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LMFAO I'm in Phuket ATM and I thought you should post pix of your m6-3. Tbh I have under estimated your mental capacity as I would have thought that sum was beyond you
You'd be surprised Paul, owning an M3 at 25 must mean im sort of genius.....I mean your what 47 and still struggling to afford one?

How were you at algebra? I bet my username now must confuse the fk out of you....But thats expected from SAP 'experts'. My mum always said, if you find skool too hard then just do SAP.

BTW i took my LSD out on the weekend. Car is absolutely hectic now! I dunno if its the lighter weight or what but the car is 1000 times better
M3 at 25 means you've smoked a lot of derricks.

As for the algebra I'll get one of the minions on it.

Btw you looking for work I need a couple of slaves?