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Ok, now I'm back in Blighty I can answer a few specific replies. Saying this, what a twat of a journey home...the autobahns were rammed, and like a sick joke they only seemingly freed up in the sections with speed limits. Hit a derestricted sign and bam, I was in a jam It's so late, and I have to be in Oxford in the morning to pick up my new car (theres a clue ) that I've stayed with family in Kent instead of going home tonight.

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Even cheaper - no...!!

Don't wan't to know any more all I could do was to pick up the parts I had gone for and walk out the door and not look back, otherwise would of been another expensive trip to AUC showroom!!
Oh yes...creeping under 70k and will probably be under 60k in 6 months (although I doubt they'll get to this level until customers cars start hitting the market - the current crop for sale are all launch demos)

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Oh no as if you gone and sold it already! You said I'd defo get to see this one! Gutted....
Sorry pal, but I've had it nearly 6 months and you do know where I live (and how to get hold of me!). I'm sure you'll like its replacement too!

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Best of luck! (I actually thought you owned your company - didn't realise you had superiors!)
Stereo and all other issues were fixed eventually....and yes, MB paid for (most) of the subwoofer upgrade that was needed to fix it

Own the company lol! No, I work for a large well known PLC and whist a relatively senior role, I have plenty of superiors!

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So, go on, give us a colour at least - did you get a black one??

On the subject of an M6, how fecking cheap is this...

And, I'm usually not a fan of blue cars, but this one is gorgeous (plus the cheapest M6 out there)...|list
OK, that San Marino blue was my first choice of colour (as I think its exclusive to the M cars?) and I'd have snapped that blue one up (heck, it's the same spec and age as others advertised in excess of 90k!) had it had the Silverstone (white'ish) interior. It didn't, so was out of the running as I really wanted the light interior.

With white interiors, Sytner have a blue one at 78k and BMW Oxford at 74k, agin both identical. Sytner are my local dealer so I give them the chance to come up with a deal first. They start off promising but when it gets challenging (like explaining to me why their finance quote has 3k too much interest for the rate they're quoting ) they don't call back.

I then call Oxford and start them off on the journey of getting to an acceptable price and I also give Cooper Croydon a call as they have a black one with white interior. My preference wasn't for black but I considered theirs as it was the second cheapest M6 around at 71k. I told each dealer that the first with an acceptable deal gets my business and, as Oxford got the price of their blue one down to nearly the price of the black car, I agreed to do the deal on that. I felt quite bad for the guy at Croydon as he was very good - as I was at a distance, he even went to the effort of filming a video of it for me. Had his car been blue, I'd have bought it off him.

So, I ended up paying a small premium for the blue/white combo I wanted and I hope it looks as good as I want it to. Heck, I've not even seen an M6 in the UK, let alone sit in or drive one. I did see one in LA and it looked very sharp and notably more aggressive than the normal 6 series.

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How much will something like that depreciate? Hardly the sort of car I'd see someone chopping it their Saxo for.
The problem with depreciation on very expensive cars is that whilst you may experience a low percentage drop, the higher the cost of the car, the higher the impact to hard cash!

My SLS didn't depreciate horrendously, but this was helped by the gearbox upgrade. This upgrade didn't generate profit for me as I would have liked (far from it if you include travel costs!), but I recouped most of the upgrade cost. And of course it was fun taking it out there to be's a bonus that it ended up costing very little.

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Been away for a while and just catching up. Sorry to hear about the reasons for the SLS going Andrew, a real shame. Fantastic car..... M6 sounds great, I bet you get bored with it very quickly.

I hate to raise the question of money (cough cough) but..... Doesn't someone now need to pay into my chosen charity? Can't recall the amount and the details of the arrangement.

So welcome to 6er ownership, albeit yours is a little pokier than mine. Truth be told I can't wait to see the back of mine, I am bored with it, costing me too much money and it doesn't get driven.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing about the M6 when it arrives.
The concept of paying the mortgage off is very sensible and one I should adopt!...

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Here we are...... Found the thread.....
...But I'm not going to do it by giving it all away Whilst I always pay my debts, I not believe I actually agreed to a new bet did I?
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