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Originally Posted by tylerwillingham View Post
There aren't any major issues. OP has been nice enough to PM back and forth with me while I decide on running a similar setup. I don't have photos or know any specifics but it sounds like we'll have pictures soon. If I were to guess, I would wager that OP is just out enjoying his car and doing things on a regular basis and posting here comes when he has downtime or remembers.

It also sounds like he wants to get some proper photos for the reveal.
I'm hoping your right. Just can't figure out how he would get it to work so easily no have been in contact with forgestar for a while about this and the only thing they said would work it a bbk upgrade as the sdc won't close our front callipers. Even with just a concave up front at 9.5" the offsets they offer would require us to run a 235 up front so u would have to stretch the tire to the extent that you would have a fair amount of poke up front. I hope they are wrong as I would love this set up.