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Originally Posted by O-cha View Post
This isn't true, they can't show the house to you, either you get an agent and they get 1.5% or the sellers agent shows you and they get all 3%. Either way it's going to be up to the agent if they want to give up the commission, good luck getting them to.

Also unless the agent is a broker they don't even get all the commission, and the broker has a say in how much they could give up even if they wanted to.
What are you talking about? Who can't show the house to you? You make no sense. There's no "requirement" to have either an agent or a realtor when selling or buying a house...just most parties choose to engage one.

And if you are selling a house would you really sign a contract stating that you would pay your agent 3% irregardless of the other agent if you don't even know the rate? Not likely, unless that agent idemnified you against any claims by the other agent.

So, if one side of the transaction doesn't have an agent, then the seller should be smart enough to say, fine, I'm only paying my agent the half they are entitled to. And reduce the purchase price accordingly.

You smell like a realtor who is afraid for his profession. No wonder - they make a killing and for what?