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Thumbs up fotios335i review of alufelgen cs7 with mounted pics!!(alpine white 335i)

Im posting up a review of this wheel because of how thoroughly impressed I am.Ive been disappointed with a csl replica before but took my chances again and Im very glad I did. I like to think of this wheel as more of an oem remake with proper offsets for our cars rather than a replica.The reason I say this is because you normally think of good replicas as a wheel that is close to the original and is very affordable but normally comes with a trade off of not being as strong and a finish that isnt as perfect or durable as the oem one.Also being able to easily pick up the differences between the replica and the oem.

I know this cs7 is a replica of the competition package wheel but there is no compromise at all.This wheel has it all. Everything I come to expect from an oem bmw wheel at a much more affordable price. the finish is as strong and durable if not more than the oem because of the powdercoat. The color of the finish is also dead on. The design and concavity of the cs7 is 100% identical to the oem one as well. I compared it to one of the m3's (comp. pkg) that was at my cousins dealer and you simply could not tell the difference, its that authentic. I love the curves on the front wheel and how the entire face concaves a bit in the beginning and then its flat like its supposed to be. the concavity and curvature of the rears is gorgeous as well.
I have purchased all of the morr alloys wheels and was happy with every one. the quality of the wheels they make is simply excellent. I know we had some rough times with the group buys but i have a feeling that is behind us. The service of alufelgen has been amazing as well and is a sure sign of great things in the future from morr/alufelgen.

This wheel has impressed me so much because it was exactly what i always wanted a company to do. Put out a csl wheel with an oem quality finish that has the SAME color, wont chip very easily, and doesnt have to be so pampered when cleaning from fear of the finish peeling off. The finish is powdercoated and is just as durable if not more than the oem wheel. Im so happy with it. Also the most important part is it looks exactly like the oem wheel and appears to have the same strength and balance perfectly. On rt3/93 in MA there are plenty of awful potholes right now and on my way to Boston I couldnt avoid a few really bad ones. I thought that there was for sure damage even though it wasnt shaking but when I got home I checked them out anyway and they were perfectly fine. That is the strength I need for the roads I travel on. I am so impressed and Im 100% satisfied with this wheel.Ive wanted to do a review for a while now but wanted to put it through the test and not prematurely jump the gun on my judgement so I waited a few hard weeks

Most of you know how picky i am when it comes to wheels and for me, Alufelgen has hit a grand slam with this wheel. thanks alufelgen

I posted up some updated pictures of my car to show off the wheels. More pics will be in another thread soon for my updated mods. I hope you like them and sorry for the long post. I just think these wheels deserve it. If anyone is on the fence with these and are looking for a durable high quality wheel get a will be very happy with them.
btw, I know Im a wheel whore but these might stick around for a bit, that is until morr makes another crazy wheel

MODS: Im not sure this post is in the right place and apologize if it isnt.

btw...I know...I know all my pics look the same but I just dont have much time to do a photoshoot and these are the views I like so dont flame too
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