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Originally Posted by joeyg4282 View Post
Another vote for Marco @ Advanced Mobile Group, he's a real perfectionist.

I had another company initially do my F-150 for me because Marco was so busy and I didn't want to wait. The other company did a really poor job for a few bucks cheaper than Marco charges. I was so unhappy with it I had it removed. There was clouding in the film, scar-like blemishes, bubbles and areas where the film had a look like running paint. There were also some lift lines on the surface of the film in a couple of different spots. Once the film was removed I could see cut lines where the installer cut the film while it was on my truck. I was so mad.

I had Kevin from *********** minimize the cut lines for me and that required wet sanding (very scary to watch this getting done) & polishing. Marco then redid the job properly and it looked like night and day from the original job, plus I had far better coverage on my hood and fenders than the original job.

So if I could give you any advice, don't just get anyone to do a job like this just to save a few bucks because in the end you'll be unhappy with the end result & at worst you could end up with damage to your vehicle.

Thanks! I'm thinking of trying to do a group buy. So far it's just me and Doctor T but if anyone else is interested let us know. (and Marco is one of those that we're looking at at the moment...just waiting for a few other quotes from some other guys highly recommended on E90Post but we'll get them Monday probably).