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I think you guys complaining about how stage one wont make any more power than rbs are forgetting a few things. If 500whp is all you want then get the rbs. But your pretty much capped power wise after that, you might be able to squeeze a few more ponies with the HPF Intake manifold or if cobb figures out something once they get the rb's on. If you go with HPF stage 1 kit and get bored with it after a while, upgrade to stage 2. They'll probably have a stage 3 kit one day too, so if you get tired of stage 2 you can move up. Plus the exhaust manifold is designed so you can swap in any other turbo with the same flange. Lot more flexibility with the HPF kit, than rbs. And if what people are saying is true about us AT guys not needing a rebuilt it's just another plus. My only concern is how the hell would I smog that beast in CA??? Finding a shady smog tech would be great, but I'd hate having to revert back to stock every 2 years...