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Originally Posted by project335i View Post
Really weak offsets on the rims would look alot better with some spacers to space them out a bit
18x8 et 20, 18x9 et 17. rear already has a 5mm spacer, theres no room for any more spacer at this ride height

Originally Posted by Turb0Surge View Post
not diggin the rims
I didnt expect the bmw crowd to like them

Originally Posted by JaysBlueE92 View Post
Looks good bro must have missed ya yesterday
i managed to sneak into exhibition

Originally Posted by ///Mandy View Post
That's what he said.

But yeah, OP why don't you just 3M your front instead?
the bra is temporary until i respray the hood

Originally Posted by truth View Post
I'm very sorry to say but the rims look really, really bad.
Otherwise, your car looks nice
i was never expecting the bmw crowd to like the WHEELs, its more of a VW thing

Originally Posted by BillLee View Post
maybe if you get rid of the red caps and put silver ones and powdercoat the face to a different color it will look better. or maybe you just need better pics, im sure it looks better in person.
the whole point of red caps, white faces and gold bolt was to do the Prima Donna themed BBS RS.

Originally Posted by Flying_Dutchman13 View Post
It could just be the pics, but something does seem off with the rims. Offsets perhaps..
pics are garbage, i havent touched the camera in over a year now. offsets are 18x8 et 20 18x9 et 17

Originally Posted by StretchNpoke View Post
what a stance!

Originally Posted by DanTheMan23 View Post
Dawaj! Glad to see a sąsiad from poland. Car looks great!
gdzie z nj jestes?
Im so euro I shaved my sig