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Originally Posted by mattsten View Post
Hmmm....looks nice. If someone with a base unit in a 2010 or pre 9/10 build 2011 installs this it appears as though they should get a better sounding system as well, at least it will be better suited to adding an amp. Maybe technic can chime in on this, but the signal this is putting out should be a flat curve and if the built in amp is 50x4 it would probably be an upgrade over the non external amped system. And if the curve is flat, it would be set up perfect for adding a four channel amp....
Sounds about right, any headunit upgrade is usually better than OEM, especially with a vehicle that is standard audio as it will push more power to the stock speakers. Also the RCA's make it very easy for an amplifier like you stated, and includes easy remote wire tapping.