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Originally Posted by TClev View Post
I bought my BMW about a month ago and was surprised to find these "scent wafers" under the front seats of my car. Especially since I'd expect some sort of clean scent when picking up a new car from BMW but they are pina colada - I've never been a big fan of scents like that. Anyway, I've grown to like it and they have actually lasted very well. In fact, my friend got in the car the other day and commented about how good it smelled. I checked out the website and have decided to buy a pack of these things. They have them in all different scents and most of them come bulk, but they also have a sampler pack. That is probably the way I'm going to go until I can find what I like. I'll report back after some use. I've attached the link below:
UPDATE:So far I've tried "Nu Car" and "Leather" scents. The Nu Car scent reminded me a lot of cough syrup, not very appetizing. Leather, on the other hand, is spot on. If you like the smell of leather, this is definitely the one for you. I'll post another update when the leather starts wearing off and I try another scent.
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