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Originally Posted by seanmitchell View Post
Thanks man ! Much appreciated -Hoping to swap the horrible XI suspension out in the next few weeks. As far as tint goes, i'm most likely going to do 20%-30%. I don't think 20% would look too dark with the oyster interior
20% is pretty dark even with a light interior. Depends on the look you are going for, but 20% will be dark enough that you won't be able to see in without some light inside or if it is in direct sunlight.

In the end I went with 33% Huper Optik Ceramic, it keeps the car really cool. It's dark enough to not be able to see detail in full light, but you can still see silhouettes. I don't drive like an asshole so I rarely get pulled over, but in my experience this keeps the POPO from even noticing its tinted unless you live somewhere that they actually are looking for ANY tint (heard horror stories.) With 28-35%+ VLT, at night if I am to get pulled over I can flip the interior light on and you can see throughout the entire vehicle with ease, but still be dark during the day.

I am also a little weird because I HATE when cars have darker rear windows than front. I like it all to match and be even.

Here it is during Mid afternoon

And with the doors open to get a sense of individual window VLT


At night with ambient street light (exposure is locked) means you cant see in unless I turn the interior lights on.