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Step 8 - Unscrew the lower kick panel

There should be 3 torx bolts as pictured, as well as one just in front of the brake pedal (my car was missing this one )

Step 9 - Remove the lower kick panel

Disconnect the speaker, footwell light, bluetooth antenna (front left), and the 4th module. The bluetooth antenna, I couldn't find a simple way to disconnect it so just removed the entire thing. Once these 4 units are disconnected, the kick panel can be easily removed.

Step 10 - Remove the rubber steering column shaft boot

Step 11 - Jack up front left wheel and turn wheel approximately 5 degrees

This is done to make the steering column shaft pinch bolt (exposed in step 10) accessible for easy removal. As seen above, when first exposed, it's difficult to remove, there's almost no space (forget about engine bay, tried that route, even less *******. By turning the wheel physically, you rotate this pinch bolt. Below are original wheel position, final wheel position, and final pinch bolt position.

Step 12 - Remove pinch bolt

Be careful not to drop it behind the firewall!!! If you do so, you'll need to remove most of the left-side plastic underside shield to reach in and grab it.

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