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Originally Posted by yakev724 View Post
Update 1

From having the mechanism apart, it's pretty clear that it can be disabled very easily--by either physically leaving the lock in the open position or by disconnecting the lock circuit from it's cable. Neither of these are a solution, as the car will recognize that the mechanism hasn't gone to completion and will show the lock error.

In the near future, I will try to see if I can have my car coded in the same way as if the column was replaced with one without a locking mechanism (as BMW did in their SIB). Before coding, lock will obviously need to be in the open position so column isn't permanently locked. This will likely work, but to be 100% sure it will never lock, I'll then reopen the column and remove the lock itself for the last time. I'll update the thread if I get this to work, it would be a nice permanent solution.

Update 2

Bentley manual shows that the lock is wired directly to the Car Access System (CAS).

2 Lines in the CAS TRC Code seem responsible for the lock--makes sense that there would be one signal for full engaging and one for full disengaging:


Coding cable is in the mail!
these two lines are nicht_aktiv for mine. which one is responsible for the full disengage? I get the error every time I open the door but it hasn't locked up for a couple of weeks.