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Originally Posted by ihsanshaik View Post
They will charge for the assuming no warranty or CPO..
Okay, so here's the update.

I just received a call back from Fields BMW, and they said that a few of my sensors were bad, and were successfully replaced.

I just purchased this car last month, so it still has 6k left until the Manufacturer warrantee runs out, and I also have the CPO warrantee as-well, which will remain on the vehicle for 3 years.

I'm just worried that something like this would happen again in the middle of the night or something, luckily the problem occurred in my drive way rather than at my job at 12am, which is the time I usually clock out.

All in all, I would say that this whole experience dealing directly with BMW was exceptionally good, it was what I was expecting from a brand such as BMW. Anything less, and I would have been disappointed.


I walked in to the main lobby after me and the Tow guy arrived at the dealership, I was then greeted, and asked if I needed any assistance. Once I told them the situation, I was approached by the man who sold me the car, and he had me sign my name on the Loaner agreement, I was out the door in 15 minutes.

I just now received the call that my car was ready for pick up, so I will be picking it up this Monday. Which means, I will be enjoying my weekend with this white 2013 328i (F30) Sedan.

And that was my Happy Ending. I must admit, they definitely repaired the relationship i had with them. Actually, I now respect and love the brand even more. Thanks for reading guys.