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Originally Posted by floydarogers View Post
All the gas (and diesel) in PDX comes down the pipeline from the Ferndale and Cherry Point. You might try BP/ARCO - it comes from a different refinery than Shell's. Also, Phillips/Conoco probably comes from their refinery.

Most of the oil is from AK, but some comes from other places. But, really, gas is gas; it's only the additive package that matters. Most of the stations (and the brands above) are Top Tier, so they're very similar.
Thank you for the response! ďGas is gasĒ seems to be the answer most of the time. Another motivator for the question is the 10% ethanol content thatís supposed to be required in Oregon and a handful + a finger or two states. Iím curious if this has an effect on the dme trying to maintain 14.7 afr. Gas seems to be an overall outlier to the cause of my corrections Iím waiting for my replacement MAP sensor to come in, I think (hope!) one is bad or dying otherwise Iíll be out of troubleshooting ideas