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Originally Posted by nishangnan View Post
I'm looking at the performance exhaust mod, where they gut out the muffler and it sounds similar to performance exhaust. Anyone know if it'll work on the 330xi (N52), this is a way cheaper option and I am just looking for a nice raspy sound louder than stock, but do not want drone.

Is gutting out the muffler the same as muffler delete?

If anyone has this done or has heard it, how much different is it from the actual performance exhaust?
It will work on 330xi n52 too. However, you will get some drone. Also sound will be only similar to PE on idle, but very different at load when driving - watch youtube videos. There was a forum member here who had done that. He lived with it for 2 months then he got tired of drone and got breaking bad - started experimenting with different resonators and muffler setups. Spent money, but still never got satisfied with his setup completely

IMHO you either don't do it at all or do it with PE properly. Third option is to do it and just live with whatever sound you will get and suck it up with drone. As experience shows - you can spend a lot of money chasing and experimenting with sound on e9X platform, but you won't get ideal sound for cheap