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Hey Guys,

So after upgrading to my E90 335xi, I can turn the music up MUCH louder than I could in my WRX. This is awesome as I love it loud, but if my radar detector goes off while I'm blasting tunes, it often goes unnoticed. This was my $10 solution to that problem. (Already had the hardwire kit)

This writeup is lacking internal shots, and I plan on re-making this anyways, so I will fill this DIY with better pictures/instructions when I do.

Hardwire Kit - (This has the blue power LED. You can get red as well. I took mine out so it didn't matter)
Light Pipe -
Super bright blue LED -
Headphone Cable -
Headphone Jack -
Heatshrink tubing - (not exactly the size I used, but should work. I got mine from a local shop and it fits loosely around the light pipe)

I wish I took more pictures along the way, but these should help you enough to copy mine exactly.

Step 1. Open the Hardwire kit box.
Using a Phillips head, open up the hardwire kit box. I pulled one half away leaving the escort sticker to one half, then transferred that to a knife blade for easy installation once I'm done.

Step 2. Install Headphone jack into Hardwire kit.
I unsoldered the power LED and alert LED from the hardwire kit. (I didn't care for the bright power LED. I know it's on if I'm driving)
Then I soldered the alert LED connections directly to the headphone jack, making sure I ran the positive to the right contact to correspond to the positive side of the led at the end of the cable. Same with -.
Close up the hardwire kit.

Step 3. Build Light Pipe.
I soldered the led directly to the cable, making sure to note what contacts go to the annode, and which goes to the cathode (+/-)
I then slide heatshrink over the led, solder connections, and light pipe to seal them together. (pic 8)
Then I used some electrical tape to cap the end, then slid a small piece of heatshrink to pretty it up. (pic 9)

Step 4. Install hardwire kit.
I tapped into the cigarette lighter right at the passengers knees, and ran the cable up and around to the detector (pic 7)

Step 5. Install Light Pipe.
I used double sided foam tape, but it has since lifted. I need to do it again on a hot day so the glue grabs better.

Step 6. Enjoy.
Turn up the music without fear of missing your alerts!

Video of it in action:

1 - In place (Note: It needs to be stickyd in place)
2 - Illuminated in broad daylight (works best at night, but even this grabs your attention)
3 - Hardwire kit installed, with the light pipe plugged in
4 - Hardwire kit installed, with all the wires hidden.
5 - Dont use super glue!!! I was dumb and used some and it "seeps" out and fucks everything up. Use hot glue. I will in V2.
6 - Showing the path of the cable to the light pipe. (I forgot to draw the line)
7 - Shot of the dash, showing the 9500ix location.
8 - The LED/cable end of the light pipe
9 - The capped end of the light pipe
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